We see it all too often in the course of maintaining and repairing off-grid sewage systems in and around West Sussex: soakage fields, septic tanks, and sewage treatment plants which have been poorly maintained, or have failed and substandard repairs have been made.  Usually, the problem is not down to laziness, but is down to desperation on the part of the householder to avoid groundworks they expect to prove inconvenient and potentially very expensive.

Plumbing and Drainage Insurance Cover

It’s sad that many – sometimes even landlords and administrators of commercial sites – get so worked up over septic tank and soakaway problems unnecessarily.  The fact is that most of the common drainage system faults are covered by your buildings insurer.  It makes sense really; such drainage systems provide a vital service and failures such as leaks or blockages can have a knock-on effect causing other problems and de-valuing the property.  That’s why home or commercial buildings insurance will usually include some form of drain insurance or sewage insurance for properties which are not connected to the mains sewage system.

For others, dealing with the paperwork may be what puts them off taking advantage of plumbing and drainage insurance cover.  They may have heard that when people try to claim on their drainage cover insurance companies require vast amounts of information or extensive surveys to process the claim, or take months to pay out.

Once again, this doesn’t have to be a problem.  Flowrite Drainage are a company of professional drainage consultants and engineers based in Horsham.  We have over seventeen years experience in the industry, and can liaise with the insurance company on your behalf in order to get your drainage repairs underway as quickly as possible.  If your property needs drainage work which you believe should be covered by your insurance, contact our team to arrange a survey.  If we agree with your claim we can contact the plumbing and drainage insurance providers on your behalf and arrange for the repairs to be made as soon as possible.

Septic Tank Insurance

It’s important to have the survey carried out at the same time your tank is emptied, so we can check the full structure.  Your septic tank insurance policy providers will need a full report on the condition of the facilities to move forward.  At the same time, we will check that your arrangements meet current legislation, as septic tank insurance coverage depends on each system operating within environmental law as it currently stands.

These measures are especially important if you have just bought, or are looking to buy, a new property.  Sadly, many people move into their ‘dream home’ without having a drainage survey done first.  If they have come from a house which was connected to the sewage mains, they may be unaware that septic tank and sewage plant repairs can be as costly as major structural work on the building itself.  In such cases, sewage treatment plant insurance becomes invaluable.

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