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Sewage Treatment Plant Insurance

Here at Flowrite Drainage, we aim to give you all you could need when it comes to sewage treatment and septic tanks. You may be surprised to discover that we even assist you when it comes to insurance.

Finding out there’s a problem with your drainage system is not welcome news for anyone. On top of that, you may be worried that the cost won’t cover any untoward damage to your home. Many customers aren’t aware that these costs should be covered by their insurance company. Even with that knowledge, it can be an uphill struggle to obtain the funds.

At Flowrite Drainage, we are able to communicate with insurers in order to carry out the necessary transactions to guarantee they will provide you with the assistance you are rightfully able to claim.

As part of this procedure, we will check your system free of charge, allowing us to assess any damages, and whether you would be able to make a claim. If you believe you have a claim and we agree, we are able to solve any problems by contacting your insurers, so they can re-evaluate your claim with the benefit of our professional knowledge and experience.

With just one phone call, we can get the ball rolling on any problems you face and can determine whether your insurance company is able to cover the expenses to fix any issues, as would be outlined in your insurance policy.