Here at Flowrite Drainage, we provide customers with a range of drainage services, including CCTV drain surveys. Today we’re going to outline the process of CCTV drain surveys, why you might need one, what equipment is used, and what problems such a survey may find.

The Process

A CCTV drain survey works by finding out what is going in your pipes so that you can better maintain them and prolong the condition. The survey offers an in-depth inspection of your whole drainage system as CCTV cameras are inserted into the drains. The cameras offer a live feedback view that shows the inside of your drains and any issues that may be present.

Why A CCTV Drain Survey is Needed

One reason why a CCTV drain survey may be a good idea is if you are moving into a new home. Before your buy your house, the survey will give you an accurate idea of the drainage system’s condition, as well as any repairs that may be required in future. This allows you to make a fully informed decision before you sign a contract. Another example why anyone may need a CCTV drain survey is if you are already noticing some drainage problems. Here, you will be able to see the root cause of the issue, which is especially useful if you don’t know why.

The Equipment

During a CCTV drainage survey, we will use the latest technology to get the most precise results. Our technicians will arrive on site with a variety of tools and equipment to use for the survey. Needless to say, the cameras are waterproof and as they must function under flowing water and in small spaces. Access rods allow the cameras to be pushed along the drainage system so they can manoeuvre around tight turns and corners. Crawlers are operated by remote controls and enable us to have fast visual access to sewer systems even when there are obstructions in the pipes.

Potential Problems

The CCTV drainage survey will be able to find existing problems and any areas of concern. Any drainage issue you are having could be solved through this process. Offering an extensive view through your drainage system, offering you evidence of the cause of any problems you are finding with drainage, or looking at potential future problems. Whether it’s a case of a blockage that needs removing, or there is evidence of displacement or a poor installation, a CCTV drainage survey will allow us to be able to respond to any issue that surface, as well as plan ahead and place preventative measures.

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