Wastewater often contains contaminants that are highly harmful to the environment, posing a risk to the surrounding wildlife. Our sewage treatment plants remove these contaminants so it can be safely disposed of. Today, we will take a look at how our services at Flowrite Drainage Ltd can be of use to you, and why they are so vital.

Our services

We specialise in fitting, repairing and replacing septic tanks that may have deteriorated over time and become faulty. Having run our business for decades, we have the expertise and precise knowledge to see how to solve the problems you face with your wastewater treatment plants. We work in and around the Sussex area, and provide a host of services to ensure the water leaving your premises is safe to be disposed of.

Sewage treatment plants: How they work

Wastewater and domestic sewage often contain a number of pollutants, such as dangerous contaminants and harmful micro-organisms that may disrupt the surrounding ecosystems. Wastewater comes from a number of sources, such as bathroom appliances like toilets and sinks, kitchen appliances such as dishwashers, human waste from septic tank systems, or on a larger scale from industrial waste. The sewage treatment we install will remove any harmful by-products that contaminate it, so that it can be safely disposed of – whether that’s dispersed through the ground through your septic tank, or transported off-site to be disposed of at another location.

How do we work?

In this industry, we understand the risk of cutting corners and the quality of the outcome being lesser than what you paid for. At Flowrite drainage, our team of trustworthy professionals are committed to ensuring your sewage treatment plant and wastewater treatment systems are of a reliable and high-quality. To help with this, we utilise CCTV inspection surveys, so we can be sure to always be using the correct procedures when fixing your pipework.

What is a CCTV inspection service?

The CCTV inspection services are an excellent tool for our customers in the diagnosis stage of resolving the problems with their wastewater treatment systems. Rather than using intrusive, costly and messy tools to dig up the pipes leading to and from your sewage system, our CCTV inspection allows us to discover the issue without causing disruption. By lowering a small robot fitted with a live-streaming camera, our team can visually see the problem without having to take anything apart. Whether it’s an easily solvable blockage, or a more serious deterioration of the pipework, we will be able to tell the problem and the options available to you to solve it at a hugely minimised cost.

How to reach us

If you think your septic tank system or domestic sewage treatment plant is underperforming, or if you are worried about any damaged it may have suffered, we will be happy to come to inspect it and offer our advice. To get in touch, you can contact us by sending us an email at info@flowrite-drainage.co.uk. Alternatively, you can phone us 01403 822485, where a member of our team will be happy to answer any of your questions.

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