When you are a market leader in a competitive and tightly regulated marketplace, it is important to protect the reputation of your products.  By endeavouring to remain in control of the supply chain between you and the customer, you would hope to avoid the quality of your goods being compromised by the mistakes of retailers or fitters.

Klargester systems from Kingspan Environmental are the leading brand for off-grid drainage and sewage solutions, and the company is understandably keen to maintain he value of that brand.  As a result, they strongly recommend customers buy their units through a Kingspan Klargester certified installer, who has been approved by the manufacturer and authorized to fit their products.  To become a Kingspan certified installer, drainage engineers must demonstrate their competence in fitting such systems and agree to the standards for quality and workmanship.

Klargester septic tanks are in use at countless locations throughout the country and have been for many years.  The Kingspan Klargester septic tank design remains similar to the one which has been the go-to solution for installers of off-mains sewage systems for many years, however changes in environmental law have meant that these types of systems can now only be used under certain circumstances.  For many previous users of Klargester septic tank systems, it has been necessary to upgrade to a Klargester sewage treatment plant.

From the beginning of 2020, it became illegal to discharge effluent from a Klargester septic tank installation (or one from any other brand, for that matter) into a watercourse.  This is because a septic tank simply separates the liquids and solids in waste, rather than treating it.  A Kingspan sewage treatment plant, on the other hand, is a powered system which actively reduces the harmful substances in the fluid which is discharged.  This cleaner water can then legally be channelled into a watercourse.  If you have a drainage field or soakaway, you can still use a Kingspan Klargester septic tank.

While these types of installations are what most people know of from Klargester sewage treatment equipment is not all that is produced under the brand.  Klargester pump stations are also highly regarded, and there are models which can be used as part of a Klargester sewage system or for other applications such as surface water.  If you need to install a Klargester treatment plant at a location which does not have room for gravity drainage pipes, Kingspan pump stations can be used to feed the treatment plant.  The other common use of these pump stations is as part of a Klargester drainage system for problematic areas such as cellars, pool houses, or low-lying hard standing.

Kingspan Klargester also manufacture rainwater harvesting systems for either use of rain water to flush toilets, car washing and garden use or alternatively just for garden irrigation with domestic and commercial versions available.

For Klargester, service of existing facilities is another important part of promoting their brand.  At Flowrite Drainage we will provide an annual service contract with your new Klargester tank, pump or treatment plant, as well as full support from our team of drainage experts when you contact us by telephone or online.

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